What is Remote Point In ANSYS Workbench?

What is Remote Point In ANSYS Workbench?

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In Ansys Workbench, Remote Points are an essential tool for applying boundary conditions to your model. These points allow you to connect to specific locations in space, regardless of the complexity of your solid model. By using multipoint constraint (MPC) equations, the solver can make connections to vertices, edges, faces, bodies, and nodes.

For example, Remote Points can be used to design an FE model for an engineering problem, such as a torsion condition on a cantilever beam. Instead of building the entire model, you can apply a torsion force to the edge-top of the beam by defining a point in the selected coordinate system. This feature is especially useful for creating submodels without having to deal with large-scale result files.

What is Remote Point In ANSYS Workbench2

Remote Points can be compared to the remote loads available in the Mechanical application, but with one important distinction. Remote boundary conditions create points in space internally, while Remote Point objects define a specific point in space. This external Remote Point can be associated with a portion of geometry that can have multiple boundary conditions scoped to it. This avoids overconstraint conditions that can occur when multiple remote loads are scoped to the same geometry.

Remote Points are a powerful tool for controlling the Degrees of Freedom (DOF) of a body. With the DOF Selection property, you have more precise control over the active DOF’s that are used to connect the Remote Point location to the body.

Furthermore, Remote Points can be used independently without being scoped to a boundary condition. They create MPC equations, which can be used to model phenomena like coupling a set of nodes so that they have the same DOF solution.

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Remote Points also serve as a scoping mechanism for the Constraint Equation object. The equation relates to the degrees of freedom (DOF) of one or more remote points.

Remote Points work in tandem with a variety of boundary conditions such as Point Mass, Thermal Point Mass, Joints, Spring, Bearing, Beam Connection, Remote Displacement, Remote Force, and Moment. With the help of Remote Points, you can easily apply boundary conditions from outside your design, enabling you to control your model more precisely.

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