Free PDF | Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using MATLAB ® and Abaqus

Free PDF | Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using MATLAB ® and Abaqus

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【Book Description】

Free PDF | Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using MATLAB ® and Abaqus

The advent of the digital computer has revolutionized engineering curricula. In this day and age,the analysis of all but the simplest problem is carried out with the aid of a computer program that not only speeds up calculations but also allows the display of results in fancy graphics. For instance, when graduate engineers enter the design office, they encounter advanced commercial finite element software whose capabilities, and the theories behind their development, are far more superior to the training they have received during their university studies. These packages also come with a graphical user interface (GUI). Most of the time, this is the only component the user will interact with, and learning how to use the software is often a matter of trial and error assisted by the documentation that accompanies the software.

However,proficiencyinusingtheGUIisbynomeansrelated to the accuracy of the results. The latter depends very much on a deep understanding of the mathematics governing the theory. So, what is to be taught? This is the challenge facing experts and educators in engineering. Should only the theory be taught, with the practical aspects to be “picked up” later? Or, on the other hand, should the emphasis be on more “hands-on” applications using computer software at the expense of theory? The many textbooks that describe the theory of the finite element and/or its engineering applications fall into one of the following two categories: those that deal with the theory, assuming that the reader has access to some sort of software, and those that deal with the programming aspect, assuming that the reader has some theoretical knowledge of the method.

The aim of this book, therefore, is to bridge this gap. It introduces the theory of the finite element method while keeping a balanced approach between its mathematical formulation, programming implementation and as its application using commercial software. The computer implementation is carried out using MATLAB ? , while the practical applications are carried out in both MATLAB and Abaqus. MATLAB is a high-level language specially designed for dealing with matrices, making it particularly suited for programming the finite element method. In addition, it also allows the reader to focus on the finite element method by alleviating the programming burden. Experience has shown that books that include programming examples that can be implemented are of benefit to beginners. This book also includes detailed step-by-step procedures for solving problems with Abaqus interactive and keyword editions. Abaqus is one of the leading finite element packages and has much operational and verification experience to back it up, notwithstanding the quality of the pre- and postprocessing capabilities.

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